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I have WPMU, Membership, buddypress, mailchimp integration and I'm trying to come up with an email management solution.

When someone signs up as a Free member, I need to add them to my list in Mailchimp and to my Group in MC 'free members'.

When someone signs up as a Paid member, I need to add them to the MC group paid members.

When someone upgrades from free to Premium, they should be unsubscribed from the Free group in mailchimp and added to the Premium group.

That's really the only sensible system for having any kind of effective email marketing campaign.

How the heck do I do that? :slight_smile:

Now I can see the Ping-thing and could probably figure out how to add someone to a new group using Pings (I think) - based on a sample code that I came across somewhere around here. But how would I use ping to remove from one group and assign to another?

Or am I missing something, is there another plugin somewhere that already does this?



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    I'm afraid that isn't currently possible at present. It may be possible with pings as you mentioned. You'd need to figure out whether you can simply access a MailChimp URL with the e-mail address embedded to subscribe/unsubscribe. However, I have a feeling a simple URL won't be enough as MailChimp would need a more secure method than that.

    Another option would be sending the ping to a custom script that interfaces directly with MailChimp itself.


  • rooze
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    Thanks Phil....

    Yeah I kinda did a bit more research with mailchimp and came to realize the ping-thing might be a tall order.

    Mailchimp does have an integration with Paypal "If you accept payments via PayPal, you can automatically add customers to your MailChimp list instantly. "

    So that gets them into the list but it doesn't move them around. It also doesn't work with Groups!

    I wonder how you guys manage this sort of thing on the Edu website....It must be a nightmare?
    I mean at a basic level how do you email a segment and say....."hope you're enjoying your Free membership, why not upgrade to a paid member".... if you don't know whether they're already a paid member or not?

    Anyway...just wondering aloud as the old song goes.



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