Email notification on New Blog Creation

1. When a member create a new blog in dropdown menu for BP they never get the email confirmation.
I get a notification but I want to be able to send them an email as well.
2. Also the email that send me the notification is from my host
How do I change which email sends out these notifications?

How do I fix these problems?

I use Blogs-MU Theme

  • Mason

    Hiya drdave,

    The actions you're describing are part of how buddypress works - not a product of the theme.

    Users who activate a blog are told upon completion that they may log in to their new site and the new site appears in the buddypress navbar if you have that enabled.

    I did a little digging and this is what I found. According to comments in bp-core-signup.php:

    Now generate an activation key and send an email to the user so they can activate their account and validate their email address. Multisite installs send their own email, so this is only for single blog installs.

    So BuddyPress is looking for multsite to handle the email confirmation bits - which it does for the initial user creation, but doesn't seem to for a new blog after the user is already registered. I got the same results as you. I don't see a plugin or anyone else mentioning this, so maybe this is a question to bring up over at

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