Email notifications for pending confirmations?

Hello there,
I have a couple of simple questions that I would appreciate answers to.

Question 1:
Does the Appointments+ notify service providers of pending appointments (i.e. notification that they must confirm or cancel an appointment)?

The reason I ask is currently no such email is sent by the system. There does not appear to be a setting or option to enable this feature either.

Question 2:
Is there a front end method for service providers to confirm appointments?

Many thanks

  • Patrick

    Hi @christopher_hill

    Welcome to the forums!

    1. No, only the admin receives an email when an appointment requires confirmation. However, there is a setting to allow services providers to confirm their own appointments in their wp-admin profile. Service providers do receive email when an appointment is confirmed though.

    2. With the app_my_appointments shortcode, you can display service provider's appointments anywhere you like. You can also specify which statuses to include in the display: paid, confirmed, completed, pending, removed, reserved. But service providers can only confirm in their wp-admin profile. So, you can have an on-site reminder that services providers must confirm their appointments with the following shortcode:
    [app_my_appointments status="confirmed, completed, pending, removed"]

  • Patrick

    Hi again @christopher_hill

    Member contributions are always more than welcome!

    If the code isn't too lengthy, sure, create a post with a little how-to if necessary.

    If it winds up being rather bulky, maybe better to zip it and send via email. Or, you could post it to Or any other file-sharing service, even github if you're up to it :slight_smile:

    Plus, we're currently working on a very cool new member system/area which will make contributions like this a heck of a lot easier for ya!

  • Hakan


    With your permission, I am marking this thread as resolved. Please continue from the original one.

    @Chris, if you write such a custom code that lets front end submissions, you are always welcome :slight_smile: In fact that is quite possible, but we simply follow what WP permits: We don't and WILL NOT support front end user setting submissions unless WP supports it (as in BuddyPress case).

    This will stay as an "Appointments" plugin which works on pages/posts (or on custom posts if they are correctly configured, but not on e.g. widgets). This is very exact and not negotiable. A+ will never be involved in additional things which is supposed to be done by WP core. But feel yourself free to adapt it for yourself and share it.

    But please continue from the original thread.


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