Email sent to gmail not bounced, but never received

eNewsletter is sending find to members, but several are complaining that they are not receiving although the report indicates they are. Have checked spam folders, etc.

Are there any known issues with this plugin and gmail recipients? For example, we have a report that 10 emails have been successfully sent and not bounced, but the addressee swears they have not arrived. ?? May be some non gmail accounts too, but this was the most puzzling.

Not sure where to turn or how to test.


  • pengie5696
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    I suspect that since we have about two isolated instances of non receipt from subscribers that the problem is at their end.

    Do you happen to know if there is a difference in user-end gmail or att inbox security in how a email is added to an enewsletter member group?

    While only two individuals have complained, when I look at the members and filter their addresses by @gmail - there are quite a few who have been sent but no opens. Of course, some of those could be going to spam folders, but in the two people who have complained - they swear that they've checked spam folders - nothing there. So, I'm thinking this is something in their gmail / att preferences / settings.

    In both cases, the subscribers were permission-based from a previous bulk email distribution list used for standard group text emails from a different domain, but with the new WP site - there was 1) a domain change and 2) we imported all the email addresses into e-newsletter member groups either via CSV file or direct input - few have used the subscribe feature. We really don't have a lot of bounces - and neither of the two email addresses in question show a bounce

    In your experience, if this is at the user end, would we bypass gmail / att security if I had those individuals subscribe to the newsletter as you did? (I would have to either delete or edit the existing member email beforehand). Do you think that would clear any security blocks for one gmail user and a second att user?

    I hate to just throw the ball back into the court of the subscribers as this is a small organization and those members are really frustrated not getting their great communications... Your thoughts please?

  • Vinod Dalvi
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    Hi @pengie5696,

    Thank you for your detailed reply and sorry for the late reply, i was busy in WordCamp.

    This will certainly take a bit of trial and error to try to figure it out.

    Therefore in an effort of expediency I will see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advise for us.

    I have notified the developer about it and he will reply on this thread.

    Vinod Dalvi

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @pengie5696

    The bounce and open count are never 100% because there is really no proper way to check those. There are only methods that are making it possible but not 100% accurate.

    About gmail user not recieving email - gmail 100% works because this is what i am mostly using for tests. I am not sure what method you are using to send emails but i believe SMTP method that is properly configured should give the best results. This means mostly that from address needs to match email allowed by server. It never happened to me that email was not received in gmail but i am also using gmail SMTP server to send emails (it has some limitations like max 500 emails a day) and i find it to be good solution for small email campaigns

    Hope that helps somehow!


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