eMails are all marked as JUNK so sent accordingly…

Valued Support Team,

we need your advice what to do to avoid that our user & member don’t receive eMails sent out automatically in their JUNKmail inbox.

We believe there’s a few things we need to do to prevent this from happening to everybody who gets email from but we do not know what as we are using various message plugins from WPMU Dev.

Can’t wait to receive your precious advice. Huge thank you upfront.



  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Prinz,

    Hope you’re well?

    This usually has more to do with the email server your sending from than the plugins.

    It can also depend on your sites IP address too if it’s on shared hosting, as if the IP address has been flagged by security companies like spamhaus due to another site sharing the same IP in the past sending out spam, it can affect your sites emails too.

    First thing to check though, is that your email server is setup with SPF records (you might need to speak with your webhost regarding that) SPF records can certainly reduce the incidences of your emails hitting junk/spam folders.

    Also, using SMTP with a proper domain name (such as rather than (especially if you have SPF records setup with proper relay allowed senders)

    You can check if your sites IP address is blacklisted with spamhaus here.

    If it is there are options you can go through to have it removed from the list, if your address is on the list, then that will certainly be a high cause of it being spamboxed by the major email providers.

    A proper reply to address will help to in the message headers, as well as being creative with your email subject titles (though you can always control that easily)

    Having too many links in the email content can also raise flags.

    Hope this helps

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