Emails Not Sending – Not Getting added to Wp-Cron

I am still working on trying to get the e-newsletter plugin to work and having issues with the sending of emails. I have done a bit of testing and found this out.

1. Test emails get sent out from the Preview screen, but not emails are sent to subscribers. Do they use a different function to send each one?

2. I installed Cron View in hopes of seeing the cron jobs in the queue, but they do not seem to be added when I try to send using cron.

3. I also set up a special email address to send from SMTP with, but no dice there either.

Can y’all tell me what functions are being called for the sending of emails. Perhaps I need to install something on my server, or perhaps some security package is blocking this from being sent.

Any other tips for figuring out why this is not sending on my infrastructure?

Thanks so much as always! I know you are working hard on a new version, so hopefully this will be addressed in the new version, but I’m guessing not, so I thought I’d start troubleshooting now. :slight_smile: