Emails not sent to all subscribers

I have a site that has 302 subscribers. Over the past week they have made 5 posts and the recipient count under “sent emails” varies between 111 and 119. The status on all of the sent emails is finished. I personally have 2 email addresses subscribed and have not received any messages. This issue only came about since the latest update when we were prompted to upgrade SBE and it migrated email addresses. Where are the email addresses stored now ? I looked at wp_70_subscriptions and that appears to be the old list . wp_70_subscriptions_log_table shows the max_email_id as 3811. Not sure if that helps. If I knew where subscribers were stored and how they were tied to the individual sites (this is a MU install with over 300 sites) I could do some more research. Please let me know what other info you require. Please don’t ask for FTP access though as that is not something I could allow to this server