Emails to users and notices to me have stopped for PC and other wpmudev plugins.


The last couple of weeks, customers and notices I am suppose to be getting too are not sending. I have already had a lengthy dialogue with our host and it is nothing on the server side.

This goes for the e-newsletter and other emails that are suppose to be sent from plugins from wpmudev.

I use smtp and use However, I have also tried it without it be deactivating and using the web php and it still does not send.

Some emails I get from the site like contact us forms etc work fine.

I am not getting notices of registrations either.

It is just strange.

Here is the subsite: and here is the multisite primary:

I have enabled wpmudev support in the dashboard FYI too.

Please let me know...

***I have a full transcript of a live chat with my host if you want me to email it to you I can...


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Greg! Happy almost-the-weekend!

    First up, let's have you update Protected Content to 1.1.1, which was released this morning, I think. There are a number of fixes included, there's a chance the update will get you hooked up.

    Second, the obvious-but-I-have-to-ask, did you check your spam folder?

    Third, there's a tiny little plugin here: that can test how well your site is sending emails. I'm assuming testing with this will be successful, as you're getting some email already, but let's cover all our bases here.

    Let me know what happens after an update, a scan of your spam folder, and testing with Check Email.

    Thanks, Greg!

  • Greg
    • The Exporter

    @Michelle Shull

    I will backup everything first as PC and enewsletter and a few others scares me to update because I lose stuff sometimes and have to go back and fix things. I will update asap.

    Yea...always do check spam/junk (thanks for asking) also, actual users are getting nothing too (plus tested with the host during live chat...they registered and send messages in different areas of the site).

    When I send wpmudev plugin test emails and general test emails from WP it says successful too but never get anything...

    I will check that plugin...


    I get contact us mail.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Greg!

    I've been doing some testing on my own site, and emails are sending okay from Protected Content for me. I checked a variety of email services, including Yahoo, hotmail, gmail, and my work email. This rules out a bug on Protected Content's end, so let's take this to the next step and test your other plugins for a potential conflict. We've got a great guide, here, on how to test your other plugins:

    If this first started happening a few weeks ago, I'd look at plugins installed at or around that same time, first, they'd be the most likely culprits here.

    Let us know what you find out, and let's try to keep your support in this thread so it's easier for us to help. :slight_smile:

    Thanks, Greg!

  • Greg
    • The Exporter

    @Michelle Shull

    Hey Michelle...

    Ok, I have deactivated all plugins one by one 1 day prior to the last successful email I received from Protected Content and ENewsletter and the WP system notifications to the present. The issue is still present.

    I know, many times, systems will work on a vanilla WP install. However, I have also seen issues that stop functionality with some combination of real world configurations. I think the best plugins are those that are durable or resilient enough to work under a wide range of plugins and themes . . . just like wpmudev plugins are the majority of the time (not just under vanilla install or certain configurations but most). That being said . . .

    I remember a developer telling me the Protected Content and Enewsletter use the same or similar method for sending emails (is that right just to confirm)?

    The says it is sending just fine too and I did receive it.



  • Greg
    • The Exporter

    @Philipp Stracker

    Per @Michael Bissett suggesting us pull this Protected Content email issue back over to this thread vs. the other thread at:

    Here is the info. Hopefully, we can get the automated emails working again soon for Protected Content as well as the ENewsletter internal plugin test email.

    Next, I need to find out why all the PC automated emails are not going out. I have already done the basic troubleshooting with plugins and themes. It has been going on for about 1 month now. Also, the "Check Email" WP plugin sends perfectly (and I received). And, the WPMandrill app test emails send perfectly too (and I receive). I mentioned both ENewsletter and Protected Content together because I remember you says something about them sharing the same or similar code, structure, or email sending methods in another thread you and I had a while back. However, I noticed that with ENewsletter's test email send, says it has sent from the admin area fine (but I do NOT receive). Also, I am not getting all Protected Content's automated email notices nor are customers. The only one I get usually is the invoice notice and even then I do not get that sometimes too. I do not see a test email I can send via PC in the admin area. Here is the full info on this and a bit of history:

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    You still have wpmudev support access fyi.



  • Philipp Stracker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Greg,

    for debugging Email issues I suggest to install the plugin "WP Mail Logging". This plugin stores a copy of every email that was sent via WordPress, so you can check later if an email was sent and what it contained.

    Also keep in mind that Protected Content will send any pending emails once an hour and not instantly. We decided to use this approach to improve performance of your site...
    You can manually trigger the email process to send out any pending emails:
    Visit the Protect Content > Settings > General page. In the bottom is a rather small line of text with two timer-links. Click the second link to start processing any pending email.

    I tested Email communication in Protected Content earlier this week, before releasing update - so please first install the Mail Logger and then manually process the pending email messages via the Settings page.
    You can then check the WP Mail Log section to see which emails were sent. If you think there is a problem then please let us know. I will then check the issue directly on your page :wink:

    Thanks for your help with this issue. And thanks for being an active user here, it's nice to see you proactively put effort into correctly setting up the plugin! :slight_smile:

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