Emails to users and notices to me have stopped for PC and other wpmudev plugins.


The last couple of weeks, customers and notices I am suppose to be getting too are not sending. I have already had a lengthy dialogue with our host and it is nothing on the server side.

This goes for the e-newsletter and other emails that are suppose to be sent from plugins from wpmudev.

I use smtp and use However, I have also tried it without it be deactivating and using the web php and it still does not send.

Some emails I get from the site like contact us forms etc work fine.

I am not getting notices of registrations either.

It is just strange.

Here is the subsite: and here is the multisite primary:

I have enabled wpmudev support in the dashboard FYI too.

Please let me know…

***I have a full transcript of a live chat with my host if you want me to email it to you I can…