Emalis from Support System not translated

Hi there,

so I translated the .po-File and created a .mo-file for the Support System. Everything is tranlsated fine now EXCEPT the emails coming from the system and the "Date created"... For "Date created" the support system does not inherit the General Setting for Wordpress, neither did I find a place where to change that manually.

And despite the fact that I translated those Email-Entries in the .po-File they are still sent in English.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • Matthias

    Hi Vinod,

    thanks for your quick answer. Here are the requested files. See the last column on ticket overview, please. For the Emails it goes for all Emails (new ticket, confirmation email to requestor, ticket answered, ticket closed). Feel free to use my translation for your next update as it is completely translated, just consider changing back the "Support" entry to "Support" as I "branded" that.



  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Matthias,

    For "Date created" the support system does not inherit the General Setting for Wordpress...

    Not sure how that's the case here, I'm seeing that it's matching the way the date and the time are laid out in Settings -> General:

    Date Format: 12. Juli 2014
    Time Format: 17:46

    The only thing that I notice off here, is that the month is listed as "July" in the first screenshot you posted, whereas it's noted as "Juli" in Settings -> General.

    Speaking of translation issues:

    And despite the fact that I translated those Email-Entries in the .po-File they are still sent in English.

    I downloaded the .po & .mo files that you had sent our way, and after creating a new support ticket in my site, I found that the email is fully translated for me:

    Betreff: test
    Status: Neu
    Priorität: Niedrig
    Ein neues Ticket wurde erstellt
    Besuche (link omitted)
    um das Ticket zu sehen oder zu beantworten.
    	Beginn der Ticket-Nachricht
    testuser schrieb:
    hey there
          Ende der Ticket Nachricht

    I'm curious as to what's keeping emails from being fully translated on your site. I did notice that you had a caching plugin installed, I'd try clearing the cache there, and deactivating that plugin temporarily, just to see if that makes a difference.


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Matthias,

    Man, I can see where you'd be stressed out with that, really doesn't make sense that it'd only applying translations partially. :disappointed:

    I know you've got a lot running on the site presently, but would it be possible to temporarily disable the other plugins (aside from Support System), and switch to the default Twenty Fourteen theme?

    As there's been a lot added to this WordPress site, it's best to start from the bottom up, as it makes determining the cause of the issue a lot easier when there isn't much in play.

    If after doing that, Support System's emails still aren't fully translated, then it looks like we've got a deeper issue in play here (I recall you mentioning in another that after optimizing the database, you were able to get a different part of your site working properly).

    Please advise,

    • Matthias

      Hey Michael,

      the problem with that is, that a part of the site is (via iframe) already running (eventON, which is, by the way, in backend also only partially translated).

      So whatever I do in terms of disabling I can only do during night-times (less probability that someone will see a broken site). AND after all those issues I am seeing here I am considering a complete re-install of wordpress (certainly also during night-time) - only I will have to make one thousand percent sure, that all events, event categories and so on are properly saved (as well as all customizing) - so I can re-gain the event calendar in the proper design as fast as possible (as the one page that is iframed into another site is made header-free, no one could possibly navigate to any place else from there, so I do have more time to rebuild the rest).

      This "rebuilding from zero" I don´t want to do twice, so I will probably wait with it until I tested several other plugins I am considering to use. Because after the re-install I do not want any "remains" of unused plugins be anywhere, so I won´t install them in the first place then :wink:

      I am saying this because if you look at the user role capabilities there are still capabilities listed from plugins deleted weeks ago - so there must be some remains of them....

      I also hope to be able to find any way to backup my settings in Ultimate Branding (not so keen of doing that all over again).

      And as the theme options backup-system did not work once before I will have to save handmade files with all entries there, so I can turn them back on step by step after re-install...

      So you see, it´s a huge task for me - but certainly I will (after eventON for obvious reasons) reinstall the support system as first thing...

  • Michael Bissett

    You're right @Matthias, doing that doesn't sound like fun at all, especially after all of the work you've put into it so far. :slight_frown:

    But, as you said, it seems like that might be your best option, as it looks like there's more than one thing getting in the way of your site working as it ought to right now.

    Hopefully though, either the disabling of some of the plugins or the re-uploading of the theme will reveal a less intensive solution.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance here please. :slight_smile:


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