Embed Code Issue?

Noticed that if I create a custom field and save it, say as radio check box, then return and decide to make a drop down menu instead of radio box the embed code does not update.

Using TwentyTen for testing. Haven't tested on other server but did try other themes with no change.

Great tool BTW, hoping for a glossary one day then my life is complete.

Going to tear down because in a rush so can't offer much else. Discovered becasue I couldn't get custom fields to appear but could get the taxonomy code to work.

  • Mason
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    Hiya Louis,

    I'll try to look into this later today if I'm able. I'm also letting the developer know what you've found here so we can get an update out quickly if needed.

    Of course, the embed code would need to be updated in the theme file itself, but if that embed code doesn't update then there's a bug that we'll need to get sorted.

    Thanks again for reporting!

  • Louis Zanolli
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    Thanks for the points!

    This issue persists on a clean install with a static ip, multi-site, BuddyPress, Supporter while using twenty-ten on blog id 1 and Network Activated.

    PHP = 5.2.10, Fast CGI
    Hosted = http://www.fluidhosting.com/comparison.php , Deluxe Plan.
    test page = http://www.thedipnet.net/species_guide/test-species/

    Dug a bit and created one of each field type and found the following:

    1. Radio and Drop Downs won't show content at all in template/live post so single choice field types won't show

    2. All others, text type/multi text, work and can update selection in post editor and on live post.

    3.However, if I change any field type the embed code doesn't update, regardless of field type

    4. All changes including to content and field type work/show in post editor regardless of not showing content on page and embed code not updating? All is fine at post editor level, receives all changes including field type so it is actually updating just not the public embed codes or field types issue in #1.

    5. On the Custom Fields Tab the Field Type Colum is updating, only embed code not

    Can make php info avail with *.mht file, have to request php error log if needed and create a screen capture video if wanted.

    Thanks as always,

  • Louis Zanolli
    • Flash Drive


    Still an issue, changed to a sub-domain, http://species.thedipnet.net/ to see if it might be a conflict with other tech on that domain, no change.

    Work around is to use multi-select until radio/drop fully function.

    I have tried several themes with the same result. For now using my workaround and creating the custom template. I will add one of each of custom field type that is having issue by about midnight, central time in the US so I can check functionality for you quickly if needed.

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