Embed or link HTML5 banner ad on Home page

Hello. On my home page, I successfully installed a Google Iframe Embedder to play the HTML5 parallax Google banner ad. Like a 25 second animated skit. I store the HTML banner ad file on Google Drive. When I click on this html file on my desk top, it plays the banner ad great. So I uploaded it to Google Drive, in zip form and open. I also republished it directly to Google Drive from Google Web Designer, but whenever I go live to the website, it just shows an active link to the files, as like text, the code and all that, instead of a banner ad. The user can open the files to it, this and that. I can't find anyone with any answers. I have tried for days. I even installed a HTML5 video player. Tried it like that too. I have attached a screen shot of the active web page. Please help me get this Google Banner ad on my home page. I have tried to convert the file type for a couple of weeks also ! Thank You. Have a Great Day !