Embedding Google Maps into WordPress just got easier!

Did you hear that?

That was the sound of the latest WPMU DEV plugin that just dropped into the downloads area! :slight_smile:

If you were listening carefully, here's what you probably heard:

  • Simple page/post embeds for google maps
  • A fancy new maps widget for placing your map in ANY sidebar or 'widgetized' area
  • A dedicated (and advanced) settings page for fine-tuning your perfect map

We took our knowledge of what the most common users on a multi-site expect and require when creating a new post/page in WordPress (we know quite a bit from our work on edublogs.org).

It needs to be something simple - using the interface users are already know - and hiding the technical bits that they'd rather not look at (who wants to copy an embed code anyway? :smiley:). If you know the address, you'll be just fine with this plugin.

So we rolled that together and added an advanced settings page so those who want to be a bit more discerning with their display can do so.

Finally, we added street view to the display options as well as the ability to provide directions by car, bike or walking! Pretty slick!

So, please, go out and give this one a whirl. Then let us know what you think right here in the forums!