embedding video using MediaElement.js


I’ve just installed MediaElement.js for embedding video on my site, though I’m not sure how to begin this process on my WP site. Could you please help?


  • DavidM
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    Hi mvanorshoven,

    I actually use MediaElement.js myself, generally for audio embedding. However, if you’re looking to embed video it could potentially be much easier, if you’re using an external service.

    The following tutorial walks through that process:


    However, if you need to embed your own locally hosted video, that plugin might just be the answer. Once installed, you simply upload the media to your Media Library and get the link to that media from the File URL as noted in the video here:


    From there, in any of your posts or other content, simply link to that file using a shortcode like so:

    [video src="http://mysite.com/mymedia.mp4" width="640" height="360"]

    You can of course, specify your own height and width there, and include your own http link there.

    How would that work for ya?


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