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How do I control the width of videos when using address in posts. Currently on this theme, the video default video is larger than the post width.

Using Edublogs home page theme. Tried vimeo & youtube and got same result of video being cut off in post..

  • lenmetcalf
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    i was hoping to be able to add them by just using the address, but this gives the videos a larger size than the template allows. So in the end I used the html and inserted the video at the size that I needed. It is just so unfortunate that I can't set the width of my site easily.

  • DavidM
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    Hi lenmetcalf,

    Yeah, a link to the site would definitely help, or a screenshot perhaps, illustrating the width issue?

    As Eric mentioned, the embed codes used for the videos should be able to utilize a height and width that you can set, which is how it would generally be done.


  • camparoo
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    The Thesis theme allows you to set your column and sidebar widths, or, you can simply use a page template for no-sidebars, almost all themes come with this option. Also, if you are comfortable with CSS, you can pick pretty much any theme you like and edit the width for your main body content.

    In EduClean, for example, you go in the theme to folder called _inc > css > and find a file called custom_sample.css. You simply rename this to custom.css and then add the following code:

    #custom #container {
    #custom .content #post-entry .post-blog-content {

    The first bit changes the width of the entire site, and the second bit changes the width of the page content areas on all pages other than the home page. Anyway, you can generally find the option to add custom css in most themes, and something like this will allow you to make a theme work with your video widths.

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