Embeding Video welcome message in slider spot on home page

First - I am *loving* scholar theme.

I recorded a welcome video, and I'd like to embed that on the home page, in place of the slider area.

Any idea how I might accomplish this?

Thanks much!


  • Tammie

    @toddfarmer: Glad you like the theme. You would have to edit the actual template to do that but it's simple enough.

    1. Open up home.php find line 15 where it says:

    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/slideshow.php'); ?>

    2. Now you have 2 options. You can either add the code right in home.php or put like above an include to a file in your theme to keep the code apart. I'll assume you are just adding the code so go with that option as otherwise you just put all this in a file and link using include.

    3. You're going to need a wrapper around it so open up slideshow and see what the wrapper was for the slideshow:

    <div class="content-box-outer"></div>

    4. So now you would want to get the embed code for your video from say youtube, vimeo or any service you are using and have the following:

    <div class="content-box-outer">
    --- embedded code goes here

    5. Save it all and it should work for you but bare in mind the size for embed may have to adapt worst case you may need to create a center alignment div or something like that to make it all look central.

    Hope that helps.

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