EMERGENCY! Yesterday I did the Directory site and today the Classifieds site and guess what?

When I created the Classifieds site it imported all the directory POST TYPES, TAXONOMIES AND CUSTOM FIELDS so I started to delete them cause its a different site and I don´t want to confuse users when listing on one or the other.

What happened? everything I deleted on the classifieds site was deleted on the Directory site!!

Now I want to put back up what I deleted, but I can´t. Also the classifieds site doesn´t let me customize the Post Type (when I press save it doesn´t save what I selected)

How can I have Directory and Classifieds separated?? How can I restore Directory´s TYPES and TAXONOMIES?? It is a multisite and they are both in the network, but they 2 different site and not the main site. They are:

http://linkedbees.com/honey-pages-business-directory (Directory - Directory Theme)
http://linkedbees.com/bees-list (Classifieds - Business Blog Theme)


Thank you!!