Empty membership details popup after login


- I have two memberships: Monthly and Yearly
- I need to use the "Popup registration form"
- I have a member already registered in the Monthly membership
- The member is logged out

- The member opens the Register page
- When the member clicks on the "Sign Up" of the Monthly membership button of "Select a Subscription" he gets the popup:

Register or Login to purchase
Enter your details below to create a new account -> several fields and "Register my Account" button
Login below if you are already registered -> Username and password fields and "Login" button

- As he is already a member, he completes the Username and Password fields, and clicks on "Login"
- A second popup appears, but it is wrong and incomplete:

Sign up for
Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription
<empty boxes>
You will pay: <empty>

- The member closes this second incomplete popup and clicks again on the "Sign Up" Monthly membership button of the Register page.
- This time he gets the right second popup:

Sign up for Monthly Membership
You currently have a subscription for the Monthly Membership subscription.
If you wish to sign up a different subscription then you can do below.
Yearly Membership - Only $499 per year! - Subscribe button
You will pay: $499.00 every year

- It seems that in the login process, the fact that he clicked the Monthly membership button was forgotten and an incomplete new membership popup is displayed. The data is not sent to the second popup.
- When he clicks again on the Monthly membership button, the right second popup is displayed because he is already logged in.
- I tried different themes including Twenty Twelve and Twenty Fourteen, different browsers, and different browser settings but the behavior is the same.
- If I use the "Original Membership Form" I get the right info on the page after login, but I need the popup option.

What can I do to get the right second popup through login?


Jose Rangel