emulating the edublogs blog counter

I really like the blog counter on the edublogs homepage, and it also comes with the edu blogs clean theme as well. However, I wan to put it into my theme for the homepage of my WPMU setup, since it is awesome functionality.

Is there a code snippet I can get from you guys to implement this?

Also, creating a plugin for it as a widget might be something worth exploring too.

  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    @Saunt Valerian

    You could snag it from the EduBlog Theme from this site!

    Here is what I pulled from my site, but I believe I edited it a little.

    <?php if($multi_site_on == "true"){
    if( function_exists('get_sitestats')) { ?>
    <div class="site-stats"><span><?php _e("Currently powering",TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?> <?php
    $stats = get_sitestats();
    $tmp_user_count = number_format ($stats[ 'users' ] );
    $tmp_blog_count = number_format ($stats[ 'blogs' ] );
    print "<strong>" . $tmp_blog_count . " Sites" . "</strong>";
    <?php } } ?>
  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    No problem Eric, I went ahead and removed the last div for you. And thanks for posting that, couldn't ask for a better snippet in this scenario.

    @Saunt Valerian, I think you'll find that snippet should take care of that for ya. A plugin for it, likely a widget, would be a rather simple matter too. I'll mention that to some folks over here to see what they think.


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