enable archives option in woocommerce

What is the advantage of selecting the Enable Archives option in woo commerce?

I see that the description is below. is there any downside to this?
Enable this if you want this attribute to have product archives in your store.

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    Well, when you select 'Enable Archives' option for an Attribute in Woocommerce, you'll have an archive page for each of the attributes containing products assigned to those attributes. Let me give you an example to clear this up. Suppose, you have created an Attribute named 'Color' and enabled archive for it. You have assigned two terms(options) for this Color attribute namely 'Black' and 'White'. Now, whenever you add a product and assign them to the attribute 'Black' or 'White' from the Product Data section, you'll be able to see them in your attribute archive. In such case, your attribute archive URL will be yourdomain.com/color/black or yourdomain.com/color/white. To make this more clearer, let me attach some screenshots.


    I have added an attribute named Color which has archive option enabled and added two terms(options) to it namely Black and White.


    While adding or editing a product named 'Polo T-shirt', I assign it to the option Black.


    Now, when I navigate to by attribute options Black's archive in this URL - mydomain.com/color/black, I can see my product 'Polo T-shirt' added there.

    Hope my explanation helps you. Mark this ticket as resolved if it does. Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this. Thanks!


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