Enable multiple shipping options, why limited to one?

Can anyone tell me how to enable multiple shipping options? I have and tested USPS and that’s great, I’m tinkering on/hoping for a UPS option, and wrote a Free Local Pickup option. I’d like to offer both USPS Shipping and Free Local Pickup, but the system only allows me to choose on shipping option.

Thoughts on enabling it so we can choose like the payment gateways?

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    Greetings nate_petersen,

    Thank you for the great question.

    Please check out the new Market Press 2.8 Beta which has enhanced shipping options and though you have coded in your own free local pickup as you have mentioned, I thought you should check out the up and coming version before custom coding anything more into the plugin.

    Please post any feature requests there that are not currently contained within the Beta for a possibility of immediate integration.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • nate_petersen
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    I appreciate your responses to my posts.

    I am currently using 2.8 beta 4, and this is something not really allowed.

    I am finding myself agreeing more and more with posts and remarks I’m finding all over the site and its disappointing. I spent about six months working and waiting on WP eCommerce to do what I needed and it never got that far, and to make matters worse writing for it was convoluted and basic controls were problematic. I have very little idea how people effectively use it. I refused to spend a dime on it.

    MarketPress I find to be much easier on the eyes and easier to work with for very rudimentary functions, but there are simple, mission-critical, features that are lacking and sorely needed. More shipping options, including at least UPS and FedEx in addition to the USPS, is a must but so is something simple like allowing for choice; I should be able to designate a “Flat Rate” type (such as “Local Pickup for $0.00”:wink: along side a Calculated method. A flat rate/local pickup option is such a no brainer I don’t know why its not in straight away. The work around I found entails setting the Local Pickup to a calculated option; as soon as I sort out the array it’ll work just fine and I’ll probably put it up for a download; its really a little bit of nothing, should be a cinch for someone familiar with that back-end to do a shipping plugin that returns a $0.00 Local Pickup option in a matter of seconds to minutes flat. Since its not been done, however, I have to spend time learning more about the code to do it myself.

    Really, I’m betting that several of these amount to simple line changes when I run across them, and that’s what I’m finding for many of my concerns/ideas. Asking for assistance in locating these or understanding the structure isn’t asking for custom coding, its asking about basic knowledge of the code base from folks who should know or be able to direct to the resources.

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    Greetings nate_petersen,

    Thank you for your feedback which is certainly appreciated and noted.

    As a support staff member and to provide my support mission as indicated by my direct inline Boss, I do not have to know a single line of code nor am I expected to do so.

    I wonder how many first tier support reps at Microsoft know any of the code?

    I would bet on zero.

    I gave you an avenue to possibly have your request met without custom coding of any kind: Please post any feature requests there that are not currently contained within the Beta for a possibility of immediate integration.

    There you have the lead developers attention, he made the post and you must have been there to get the Beta since it is not presented anywhere else that I am aware of.

    Sorry that I am not a coder, that my job qualification does not require me to be a coder, and not at anytime in the past nor present have I represented myself as a coder – I am actually a network and server technician by profession.

    Cheers, Joe

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