Enable Privacy for all Members Profile

I love this theme! One of the reasons I was drawn to it is because privacy is important for our users, so I enabled the privacy option available in the Theme Options menu:

Do you want to enable privacy for all members profile
only logged in user can view members profile and members directory. 'disable' by default

Well, it works like a charm with /members, /members/username, /members/username/profile, and /members/username/activity. Great start! However, the other subdirectories do not appear to be private at all. Their links are public. Those include /members/username/friends, /members/username/groups, and most troubling, /members/username/gallery. The gallery plugin is from Buddydev, sorry WPMU Dev :slight_smile:

Having even one subdirectory public seems to defeat the purpose of member privacy, right? I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, or simply unique to my BP network, but I would be very grateful for feedback on the best way to resolve this -- either by changes to the code, finding a comprehensive privacy plug-in, or other ideas.