Enable the blogs later for the users?

I would like to launch our wpmu site with users only to access the website without offering blogs to them. Will it be a problem to enable the blogs for existing users at the beginning of the sign up without getting blogs enabled?

  • drmike

    It's an option within the Site Admin -> Options page. Set it to User Accounts Only at first and change it later on. You'll have to publicize the change of course, provide a link to the wp-signup.php page and explain (probably in detail over and over again) that folks are going to have to be signed on to their user account for the blog to be applied to that user account as you're going to have folks either not be logged in and therefore wind up creating a new account or the other case of wondering why their email address doesn't work as they're going to be logged out and trying to recreate their account. More of an educational issue with users instead of anything with the software.

    I need an answer to this asap :slight_smile:

    I politely point that that this is probably why you didn't get an answer previously as you probably alienated everybody here. We don't wait hand and foot on anyone here. If you need a response like that, Automattic hires out at about $190 an hour or other folks at at least $65 an hour.

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