Encountering some problems with Multisite, having issue displaying my website

From the administration page at Wordpress when clicking on, visit site, http://www.freehuckleberryads.com it takes me to our site displaying the header page with the all our tabs. I definitely am left with a head scratcher. It says we are already a member of this site, in the box it says, freehuckleberryadscom with the .freehuckleberryads.com under the box, has a couple of other boxes yet to be filled in, and appears to have a conflict at the bottom of the page with url/home definitions. I have attached a snippet (freehuckleberryads.com.png).

When typing in either freehuckleberryads.com or http://www.freehuckleberryads.com It also says we need to log in? . Don’t understand why we have to log in to view our website? Never had a problem with our single site install of Wordpress before but somewhere I must be overlooking something in the settings?

Help in this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you