End User Sign Up Roles

OK to make an already complicated issue of getting the new 2.x directory plugin to work like the 1.x, Ive got another issue that I hope I can find assistance with.

In the dashboard area settings you can assign a role for new users, the Directory plugin gives the options of free or paid directory members. easy enough, does it have its own sign up fields or just use the WP sign up?

Here is where it gets complicated, Im trying to add Directory into a extensive Real Estate Theme, so there are actually 2 parts of the website, a place for realtors to post properties in the area and a place for anyone to post their business in the directory.

The quagmire here is that the user roles int eh drop down menu of the dashboard includes Realtor, as well as the 2 Directory options. I set the default role to be “Directory Member Not Paid” but when I sign up on the front end fo the website, it still considers me to be a Realtor.

So my question is, is there any way I can add a drop down menu in the sign up page for the user to choose Directory Member (free) or Realtor (free)? so that they can choose which membership to sign up for? am I opening a can of worms here trying to combine 2 memberships into a single sign up page?

Is there a specific sign up page for Directory? Perhaps this way I can create 2 separate sign up links or something.

Im open to any ideas or suggestions here