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Does eNewsletter work with Membership Pro in the way that new members can receive a welcome mail??

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there Hamid

    I hope you're well today!

    If you just want to send new members a welcome email, Membership2 Pro has an addon that can be enabled to handle that.

    Go to Membership2 > Addons and enable the Additional Automated Messages addon. You'll then see a bunch of new options under Membership2 > Settings > Automated Email Responses.

    If you also want your new members to be automatically subscribed to a newsletter when they register on your site, go to eNewsletter > Settings > General Settings and select the newsletter you want to send as a welcome at the Welcome Newsletter option, and select the Subscribe option at WordPress User registration just after that.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there Patrick

    Yes, eNewsletter will pull information from the WordPress profile if that's changed. So if the member changes his/her email address on the Membership Account Page, that will update their WordPress profile, which in turn updates their eNewsletter profile.

    However, that will not work the other way around. If a member's email address is changed in eNewsletter, that will not update either their WordPress profile or their Membership2 profile.

  • Mark Russell
    • The Most Well

    Apologies if this is an old thread. I''m new here and so far the support is not helpful. This is one of the closest discussions to what I'm trying to set up for my site.

    I would like to sign up free subscribers for a newsletter, where i may send out notification blasts manually and have the option to set up autoresponders.

    The initial free subscribers will need to be notified when the paid membership site is ready ( using Mem 2 ) and possibly be reminded afterwards with autoresponders.

    I thought it would be a simple matter of signing up to this premiere wpmudev service and installing plugins that work together tjo accomplish what it seems like plenty of other websites do every day.

    Perhaps there's some widget form or shortcode to add a form to sign free subscribers up to a free membership in Mem 2? Then with eNewsletter installed as they register, it'll copy the emails into itself, and I manage the lists there?

    Please, I'd just like to hear that I'm not trying to do something weird here. I can't understand why support found this issue such a mystery.

    Help me Patricki wan Kenobi, you're my only hope... :smiley:

    Also, I posted it here for the community's input. But, it isn't going well so far. :slight_frown:

  • Mark Russell
    • The Most Well

    I'm also not shy about popping the hood. I've been building websites since 2002 and I can code better than most people who think they can code. The evidence is all the sloppy code I'm regularly hired to fix.

    But, I decided to pay for this service to save some time and get plugins that work nicely together, if not out of the box, with minimal configuration or at least no headaches down the road. I'll be grateful for even the slightest shove in the right direction here. Thank you.

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