eNewsletter conflict with WP Photo Album Plus

I have installed WP Photo Albums Plus and it is conflicting with eNewsletter. Everything seems fine until you Edit the newsletter, and on clicking the Content panel, it shrinks from it's normal sidebar size to about 1/2-inch wide. Soon as I deactivate the Photo Album plugin - all is well. Ta da...

Running Bluehost PHP 5.4, WP 3.8 with udesign and everything is updated. Site is going to be slow right now - apologies - so many changes we have scrapped some minification and other stuff temporarily.

I have given you support access and hope you can figure out a quick fix.. changing to a different photo album is not feasible, We've already discarded a formerly working Nextgen Gallery system with all that mess, and I've tried a couple premium plugins to no avail.

We must have a front-end uploader system that is secure and can be moderated for dynamic population into specific albums. (Wish you had one!)

The organization absolutely loves eNewsletter.

Thanks very much

  • pengie5696

    Hi there - sorry was on the way out the door to an early morning meeting and replied to your email thinking it would auto-populate here.

    I deactivated the WP Albums Plus plugin only to afford the president of this organization the ability to use e-newsletter to send out an email - she needs to wrap that today and send.

    If you activate WPAP, and then go to create or edit an existing newsletter in the list, you'll think everything looks fine. But click on the left Content panel and it suddenly goes from a sidebar width to about 1/2-inch wide with a scroll bar & no way to open the panel (as in dragging the width as one can with some things. The right side where the email displays expands width to nearly full browser window.

    Again - just activate WPAP and you'll see - there's a definite conflict.

    Thanks again so much. Let me know if I need to extend the time allocation for your back end support access.

  • pengie5696

    Problem still exists. If you attempted a login yesterday, sorry - had a huge site crash and now we're back.

    I have screen shots. Again, with WP Photo Albums Plus (WAPA) plugin active, if one clicks edit a newsletter - all appears just fine on the initial screen. The left panel displays correctly. However, click on content and the left panels shift size and it's impossible to actually edit.

    See screenshot. Note newsletter content is blurred to protect client privacy.

    Deactivate the WAPA plugin and immediately the issue resolves. I really need to bring this gallery system live ASAP, but they cannot do without your great e-newsletter tool.

    I have extended your access.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • aristath

    I see what you mean now....
    I suspect this is because WP Photo Albums Plus has its stylesheets enqueued in the customizer screen as well, though I'm not entirely sure.

    I have notified the plugin developer of the e-Newsletter plugin about this, hopefully we'll know more about it pretty soon!
    Please kkep in mind though that plugin developers have a lot of responsibilities so this might take a bit longer than a normal ticket.


  • Maniu

    Hey @pengie5696

    For now, if its not a problem, please add "do_action('admin_head');" after line 115 in "e-newsletter\email-newsletter-files\builder\class.builder.php" file.
    I remember this causing incompatibilities with other plugins thats why i am not so sure if i should add it permanently.
    I won't hide that the plugin you are using is doing stuff bit improperly and thats why its causing conflict.


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