eNewsletter conflict w/Nextend Image Magnifier

Hey all,

This is less a support request than an FYI, and maybe a plea for investigation. I’ve just discovered eNewsletter (2.6.3) conflicts with Nextend Image Magnifier (1.0.12). When opening the Edit Newsletter page (based on WP Customizer), I get a completely white/blank area where the newsletter preview should be. Turn off the magnifier, it returns. We use the magnifier for some, but hardly all, images, so eNewsletter wins this battle.

I’m letting everyone here and Nextend know, in case you’re moved to investigate, or in case someone has a similar conflict.



  • Vic
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ashok,

    It would work this way, yes, and if I was using the two on a one of my own sites I would do this, but they won’t be able to as the client is not going to have access to the plugins to activate and deactivate and they are dealing with the newsletters themselves – so this is not really an option.

    I was hoping that as this conflict was raised in January by Adam that there may have been a fix by now.



  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @vic,

    Sorry to see your site is also affected by this conflict, unfortunately the plugin hasn’t been updated in quite some time and was last noted to work with WordPress 3.4.2 (released on September 6th of 2012, quite a ways back).

    e-Newsletter is designed to work with WordPress 4.0, as we always keep our themes and plugins up to date.

    I’m afraid as we’re not the developers of the other plugin, and as it seems development has stopped on the plugin, I’d advise looking for a more up to date alternative.

    Kind Regards,


  • Vic
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your reply – I really wish I could use an alternative as that would be the simplest option, unfortunately the client has had the plugin on their site for a while and has embedded almost a thousand images using it (via shortcode in their product posts) so I have to use it. They have never had a problem with conflicts in the past and don’t see the problem as they are on wordpress 4.0 as well. (They are not at all technical!)

    They really liked the look of e-newsletter as it ticks all their boxes for functionality and does more than a lot of the other solutions they have looked at – I guess I’ll either have to find some workaround or use a different emailer plugin. :slight_frown:

    Thanks to you and Ash for looking at this for me. It’s a shame it can’t be fixed. :slight_frown:

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