eNewsletter does not have let me create content

right. a little problem.

i try to create a newsletter to send out to future customers. i compiled a nice email list, i managed to import them and now i want to create the newsletter/email-with-an-offer.

but the e-newsletter plugin is fighting back. it wont let me create a body. at first i thought it is because my text is too long. but it doesnt even work with a single word.

the sending works fine. but even there it sends out an email with the header, and then again with the footer where users can unsubscribe.

any ideas?


  • aristath

    Hello there @Silvio, I hope you're well today!

    I'm afraid I wasn't able to replicate your issue...
    I just tried the e-Newsletter plugin and was able to create a newsletter with success.
    Saved it, then re-opened it and all my content was there.

    Then I tried sending it to my test e-mail address and again I received it perfectly fine!

    Do you have any other plugins installed that might interfere with the way emails are sent?
    Can you please confirm that you're trying this as an admin?

    Please advise,

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