ENewsletter Import Data Not Working


When I try to import members using the input tool I am getting strange results, and am really not able to import bulk members.

I have a list of 65,000 emails without names. I have tried to import this, but the name seems to be compulsory. I have tried all kinds of things so that there is a double comma to show that data is missing, but it imports the data into the name fields anyway, so I end up with some email addresses in name fields in the MySQL table - and out of 65,000 it only imported 600 before timing out.

I tried a much smaller sample of about 1,000 emails with names. I caved the file as a csv file using Excel, and checked the integrity of the file using TextEditor against the sample file shown in the Plugin.

It successfully imported 4 out of 1,000, and it showed that the leading characters of many of the addresses had been cut off.

I am not sure where to go with this. I have tried all kinds with differently formatted files, but still am unable ti import more than a handful of names and often these have leading characters missing.

Regards, Paul