eNewsletter: Not sending emails outside BlueHost addresses

I'm having the same issue as in this ticket: I set up eNewsletter to send to 23 people, but I'm the only one who received it (I called a few of them to be sure, and the stats confirm no one's opened the email).

The email I'm receiving at is within my BlueHost account. When I tried another email (hosted through Rackspace, I think, though it may be related to Gmail), I got nothing—same as the ticket referenced above. That ticket didn't seem to get resolved, so I'm eager to do whatever's needed. I won't be able to use the plugin in the future if we don't figure this one out.


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hey there @Adam

    How's it going today!

    Likely the best place to get help for an issue related specifically to email from your host is the support at your host. They should be well-versed in the settings you would need to properly configure a client with their servers.

    These articles from BlueHost may help though:

    Have a great day! If this really doesn't help, please don't hesitate to post again. :slight_smile:

  • Adam
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks, @Patrick Cohen. It did take a while, but while experimenting the other day I did get a message out to the potentially-Gmail address. I'm not sure if it was sending by SMTP or PHPmail, so I'll have to look into it. Failing that, I'll contact big Blue.


  • Adam
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey again @Patrick Cohen, and whoever else might find this thread in the future. Before calling BlueHost I thought I'd experiment a bit.

    I made a group called Test, which consisted of two of my emails—one BlueHost, one not. SMTP mail repeatedly delivered to my BH email and failed to get out to my non-BH email.

    Double-checked all my settings against BH's cPanel settings. SSL and less-secure. No go.

    Then I tried PHP mail, and it worked pretty smoothly.

    There was a slight delay, with the BH-related address picking it up first.

    So there you go. Until or unless someone gives me a good reason not to use PHP mail (and why offer it in the plugin if it's terrible?) I'm going to march ahead as-is.

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