enewsletter not sending to all subscribers

Hello, i am using enewsletter on one of my clients sites. When they create and send a newsletter most of the time is doesn't send to all subscirbers. They currently have 15 subs and it will send as few as 3 to a max of 10 never to all 15. I need to get this fixed asap.

  • pianoman
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Are you sure the newsletter is passing spam filters at the client? Depending on the content of the newsletter it may or may not get through to the subscribers depending upon their spam filters. Since subscribers will most likely be using different email services, that could easily explain the variance in users receiving the newsletter.

    Have you checked the bounce mailbox and the "root" mailbox on the sending server for any clues?

    Also check if the sending domain has been blacklisted using various services like blacklistalert.org. Different email providers use different black lists.

    I am sure WPMU Dev developers would probably also like to see snapshots of your outgoing email settings and bounce settings. The options chosen can make a big difference in troubleshooting if the problem is not with spam filters on the receiving end or being blacklisted.

  • andersonsystems
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    If you look at the dashboard for the newsletter is list how many emails were sent, the number varies as I mentioned above. My assumption is that the number sent should be consistent from, this newsletter is used 3-5 times a week so the data comparison is a valid test.

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