Enewsletter Outgoing email Server not working

Hi Guys,

I am really frustration with my outgoing email settings, have been at this for days now and am unable to get my welcome newsletter out to new subscribers.

1. I have Postman SMTP which is functioning perfectly with the same outgoing email server settings
2. I have deactivated Postman SMTP to see if there was a conflict with Enewsletter - there is not
3. When testing ougoing server details in Enewsletter sometime is tests with error, sometimes it tests fine
4. Always when attemtping to issue Welcome newsletter to all subscribers I get an outgoing server error even when it has tested fine
5. My outgoing email server details are correct

Desperately need help with this, I am missing out big time on being able to market my new site to existing clients and new susbscribers.

Each time I have requested help I have received initial help but don't get responses to my reply posts.

Hoping you can assist urgently.