enewsletter setup

how do i set it up

  • Tom Eagles
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    This plugin is currently under a huge rewrite and about to be updated but all the settings are easy to understand in the dashboard please pay attention to the notes in the usage tab about smtp etc. Unfortunately there is no current documentation available but if you get stuck with any specific problems please feel free to ask away here and i will be more than happy to help you. :slight_smile:



  • kikalomy
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    hi yes,
    i am unsure of how to fill in the details, it would be great if you had documentation as this is my first time using a newsletter, can you explain what goes in the form fields. i am using gmail, (info@mywebsite.com) what does each field mean and what goes in there and do i have to set anything within my own gmail account? thanks

  • elpino
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    Greetings kikalomy and welcome to the WPMU forums.

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having setting up this pluging. Let me start by asking what step pare you at? so i can help further in the meantime, you can check this links bellow i help somebody else with similar trouble, check if that can solve your questions, if you need any more help don't hesitate to ask.



  • elpino
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    Let me give a step by step here.

    First settings page ¨general settings¨

    fist box ¨double in¨ if you are gonna be sending email from a hosting company you gotta check this, cause all hosting company have zero tolerance on spam, and the us and europe laws state that all newsletter emails that dont have have double opt in are consider spam, hosting companys will shut down hoting accounts reported doing spam, only leave uncheck when using a local server on your computer.

    from email very straight fwd here put the email you created for sending newsletter, try that is an email from the same host you are sending, so gmail dont send yours emails to spam folder.

    from name, company or site name, etc

    corporate info that will appear at the bottom of the newsletter.

    - Second tab Outgoing Email Settings

    Email Sending Method: here check smtp method 90% of hosting company dont allow php mailing so this is your best bet.

    SMTP Outgoing Server: this you should go to your hosting company and get this info is in configure email dont use secure just use the regular settings, secure dint work for me.

    SMTP Username: info same as above on hosting company

    SMTP Password: info same as above on hosting company (leave blank for none)

    Enable cron: this a powerfull and important feature here, most of hosting companys have a email limit per hour check with your hosting company the email limit per hour, and set here bellow that so your site doesnt stop getting emails, my is 500 limit so i set it to 300 per hour just to be safe. so set to enable. (WHEN ALL IS SET UP, REMENBER TO HIT SEND NEWSLLETER VIA CRON)

    Limit send: (CRON): info above

    Emails per (CRON): set at hour , best choice here.

    -- Bounce Settings tab

    Here is important to create a seperate email for handling bounce emails, very important.

    Email Address: newlly created email for this porpuse goes here.

    POP3 Host: info from hosting

    POP3 Username: info from hosting

    POP3 Password: info from hosting
    remenber to set the password without any special characters, myself and others users get a failed test cause of this, so change the password untill it works.

    Hope this all helps you solve your issue, any other question dont hesitate to ask.


  • elpino
    • The Crimson Coder

    Greetings kikalomy just checkin on this issue long time without no activity, with this suggestion did you resolve your issue? remember to mark as resolved bellow, when you are all set. was i able to help you in some way? hope i did a little help

    Regards Alex

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