enewsletter subscription form and integrations


I want to use a simple subscription form for enewsletterr. But in Wordpress i can only choose the widget. I don't want the widget. I want some code, is that available? I want to be able to also use the form outside wordpress, will that also work?

What i miss is the ability to include important stuff that you would post on a wordpress site like:
- post headlines
- new pages
- Marketpress new products
- new members
- new events
- ....
I'd suppose that with a newsletter plugin build into wordpress i would easily be able to share my content in the newsletter.
I understand that facebook and twitter publishing is not included since wordpress can already handle that, it would be nice though.

It would also be nice if enewsletter could be triggered by an rss feed to sent mails.

Please inform me.

  • André Kager

    Thanks, i have seen the shortcode and tried to work with it. Maybe i am doing something wrong. I want to use it on a wordpress site: http://www.cloudinside.nl and it should replace the form in the footer area. The form is designed with a class in the stylesheet. when i use the shortcode with the class it has no effect on the ugly default submit button. I don't get the nice button that belongs to my design.

    2nd: i want to use the form outside a wordpress website, i would need normal html code for that since i can't use a shortcode there. where to find a html code for the subscription form?

    Thanks in advance

  • Alexander

    Hi @André Kager,

    You can find the HTML by placing the shortcode in a page, then by viewing the source code of that page. However, you won't simply be able to copy the HTML because e-Newsletter uses AJAX to handle to form submissions.

    The subscribe form isn't going to be directly compatible with your custom design. The e-Newsletter form uses more HTML, and can change depending on what settings you have enabled. Also, it doesn't show the form if a logged in user is already subscribed.

    If that footer is setup as a widget area, you could try using the e-Newsletter subscription widget. Then you could try modifying your CSS to better fit the subscribe form.

    If you want, I could help you rework the CSS. If you could get the e-Newsletter placed on your site, I could take a look and find what styles you would need to look similar to the existing form.

    Best regards,

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