eNewsletter taking up too much wordpress resources

I am using the eNewsletter plugin to send email using the backend of wordpress, but I noticed while the email blast is in progress and there after the website becomes to load very slow.

1) How can I improve performance, and keep the eNewsletter from taking up too many server resources?

2) Is it a good idea to send email blasts using Wordpress Multisite, considering the fact that if I offer this feature to other network blogs, this will destroy the performance of the entire network?


  • Alexander

    Hi @webatonic1,

    1. With larger lists, you may want to use e-Newsletters ability to send email in batches. Perhaps have it send a small bath every 30 minutes instead of all at once. This would spread out the resources required over several hours instead of all at once.

    2. When using Multisite, your users basically have the same ability as you do with this plugin. Because all the sites are on the same server, this could result in things slowing down for everyone. If this is a concern, I'd advise pointing your users in the direction of an external service such as MailChimp.

    Best regards,

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