eNewsletter's Bounce function

hi there,

each time we send newsletters out, we receive bounce messages back on bounce@... Unless the list on /newsletter page does not show a single bounce - what's going wrong? All connections work fine and emails go well in and out?

thx, Rob

  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hello Rob.

    I hope you are doing great so far. I am sorry that you are having problems with our eNewsletter plugin.

    Would you mind verifying with your host the correct POP3 settings for the account you used.

    Please keep in mind that POP3 is designed to work like a post box which means only one copy of each email can exist, so if you are receiving the emails from another email client like Outlook or another desktop client, then the email will be downloaded to this client/desktop email client and will be then deleted from the server. This is how POP3 works, please verify if you are receiving the emails on a desktop or mobile client, if that is the case then it is the reason why you don't see the bounced emails on the plugin.

    You can also login to your Webmail client for that POP3 account and see if you are seeing any emails there. If you see emails then we will further investigate why the Plugin is not displaying them if there is nothing there then it is because they are downloaded by the email client you are currently receiving with.

    This controls how bounce emails are handled by the system. Please create a new separate POP3 email account to handle bounce emails. Enter these POP3 email details below.

    This has to be a seperate account only dedicated to the bounce emails and nothing else. So basically only the eNewsletter should be reading from this email account.

    I hope all this makes sense and helps.

    Please enjoy the rest of your day.


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