Enhanced Checkout?

Why when I test the checkout process does it always use the old classic PayPal checkout and not the new enhanced (normal) PayPal checkout that I usually see when checking out online with PayPal?


  • DavidM
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    Hi coreymj78,

    I'm not really sure what enhanced checkout you're referring to. Do you have an example, maybe a screenshot where you've seen that?

    I've just gotten used to the standard PayPal payment process myself and don't think I've seen an enhanced checkout procedure.


  • coreymj78
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    LOL yeah unless your familiar with creating paypal buttons and checkout page styles, you wouldn't know what I mean by this.

    No, enhanced checkout is what paypal calls their standard checkout screen. They updated it from what it used to look like. When you create a checkout page style (in paypal) you can edit what the classic checkout looks like as well as the "enhanced" checkout. I'm not sure why one would appear for someone over the other though.

    The classic checkout screen has a longer banner at the top and the page elements have sort of a blue-ish hue to them with a dark blue bar at the top, etc. The enhanced checkout is mostly white with simply your custom logo at the top left and just looks cleaner, etc. The two pages just look different, but I've mostly seen the new checkout page style when using paypal, so im not sure why im seeing the old one when testing my checkout process is all.

  • Sean
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    From what I have read the Classic Checkout page and the Enhanced Checkout page are randomly presented during Papal's rollout phase which is taking forever. There does not seem to be a way to select one or the other.

    On your Paypal Customize your Payment Page you can click preview at the bottom to see how each will look.

  • Sean
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    On your Paypal Customize your Payment Page you can click "Change" and edit your settings so both Checkouts look as good as possible. Make you changes and then preview each. For me I created a custom header that appears in Classic Checkout and a custom logo for the Enhanced Checkout.

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