Enhanced Recurring Payments with Pro Sites

I'm trying to activate recurring payments for people who don't want to use Paypal account. However they will still arrive at the Paypal screen and see an option for "Pay with a Debit or Credit Card". As of right now it won't show this option on Paypal screen. Everything has been check and cleared with PayPal Support. Paypal said it was on your end. They said the recurring subscription button was wrong.

I hope we can make this work.

Cheers and all the best.
Jason Smith

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there!

    First off, did you follow all of these instructions on the ProSites settings page for getting recurring payments up and running?

    PayPal Website Payments Pro 3.0 allows you to seamlessly accept credit cards on your site, and gives you the most professional look with a widely accepted payment method. There are a few requirements you must meet to use PayPal Website Payments Pro:
    *You must signup (and pay the monthly fees) for PayPal Website Payments Pro. Note this uses the older Website Payments Pro 3.0 API, you will have to contact PayPal and have them manually setup or create a new account that supports Website Payments Pro 3.0
    *You must signup (and pay the monthly fees) for the PayPal Website Payments Pro Recurring Payments addon.
    *You must have an SSL certificate setup for your main blog/site where the checkout form will be displayed.
    *You additionaly must be PCI compliant, which means your server must meet security requirements for collecting and transmitting payment data.
    *The checkout form will be added to a page on your main site. You may need to adjust your theme stylesheet for it to look nice with your theme.
    *Due to PayPal policies, PayPal Express will always be offered in addition to credit card payments.
    *Be aware that PayPal Website Payments Pro only supports PayPal accounts in select countries.
    Tip: When testing you will need to setup a preconfigured Website Payments Pro seller account in your sandbox.

    And, did you make sure PayPal Payments Pro was active, by ticking the box under that paragraph from above?

    I've not seen any other reports of users having an issue with the extended payment options in Payments Pro, so I'm hesitant to agree with PayPal here, and everything appears to work okay on my sandbox site.

    If you've followed all these steps (especially the PCI compliance, the SSL cert, and checking to make sure this payment type is available in your country/your customers' countries) and you're still seeing an issue, we'll troubleshoot further.


  • Jason

    I'm in desperate need of a resolution guys. I have PayPal Express with Enhanced Recurring Payments which the Enhanced Recurring Payments cost $20 per month with PayPal. "Note: this is not PayPal Pro" I think I need to get a different button option for checkout. Any files to alter? I'm all ears.

    1: Choose plan
    2: Click PayPal button
    3: Go to PayPal Screen
    4: Choose Pay With Debit or Credit Card

    Cheers and all the best.

  • Jude

    Hi there @Jason

    Sorry the response took a while longer than expected. Appreciate your patience. Looks like Michelle is really busy and this one slipped through the gaps, I'm gonna take the liberty of chipping in here.

    I don't think this will work out of the box. You will need to modify one class which is part of the core plugin to do this correctly.


    Specifcially modifying this function will let you change the button to use Enhanced Recurring Payments with Paypal Express.

    function process_checkout( $blog_id )

    The file can be found in the gateways folder of pro-sites.

    Hope that helps, get back if you need further assistance with this


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