Enhancements: Confirmation Step and Multicurrency


Here is a first quick list of enhancements and new features for future releases of the plugin.

Confirmation Step

Add a confirmation step on returning from PayPal before processing the first and recurring payments. I already had this conversation with Aaron in a previous topic as it's closer to PayPal's payment process specifications.
With this feature, I add the following specs: add an opt-out for recurring payments. There might be a legal issue in some regions or countries with not being able to disallow recurring payments.


Presently, all PayPal currencies are supported by the plugin but only one is allowed for a single config. It's so deep (both code and data model) that it's quite impossible to extend the plugin with custom code to have multiple currencies working. However, worldwide customers are sensitive with this and prefer to pay in their own currency (Amazon would loose a huge amount of their customers if their produts were only sold in US dollars all around the world!)

Any +1 for those features?