ENOM Buy Domains Tab does not display


The ENOM Buy Domains tab does not display. I believe I set all the configurations correctly to set up the ENOM service. I contacted ENOM and they added my IP to their system, so now my user/pass connects and does not throw an error. I can't figure out why the tab does not appear on a new sub site under Tools > Domain Mapping

  • Anthony

    Hmmm...okay, so what's not very clear here is that domain name resellers at ENOM have to pay a registration fee to add TLDs to their reseller account. There is an enrollment fee for three different levels in the ENOM Get Started section.

    I guess I have to pay that fee to ENOM to enable my reseller account.

    That is not clear on the plugin page for domain mapping. My suggestion is to add a note to that page that lets people know that there are additional steps and fees required.

    The quick video of how to set it up is nice and snazzy, but doesn't explain that to become a reseller at ENOM has a cost to it. Nor does it suggest that to enable the Buy Domains panel in subsites that you have to do this first.

    Forgive me, but I couldn't find any documentation on these things. Now, I'm going to pay ENOM for something that I'm not sure how it works in the backed on my site once it's live. This is not the best experience, I will tell you. I know it's a nice value add, but WPMUDEV needs to step up a bit and make sure this is noted on that landing page for the domain mapping plugin.

    I have to ask my client if there is an immediate need to sell domains, so I'll keep this ticket open for now while we sort that out and if so, enable the service and then figure out if it works correctly.

  • Anthony

    Okay, so I'm on the phone with ENOM. What I learned is that WPMUDEV is a reseller of ENOM, and now we are a reseller of ENOM through WPMUDEV. That's fine, everyone needs to take their little piece. :innocent:

    The problem is - and it seems you guys/gals don't notate this - is that when you activate your domain reseller account through WPMUDEV, you are NOT required to pay the signup fee. But your instructions tell me to make sure I add TLDs to my reseller account. So, I go back to ENOM Reseller tab and think, oh wait, I now have to pay when I don't actually have to.

    I spoke to a technical support rep at ENOM and we looked at my admin panel in the ENOM service together. The panel shows that I have all the TLDs situated in in the Pricing panel (as shown in the attached screenshot. And, that because I signed up through WPMUDEV, I did not have to pay the reseller fee - that my account is active and has all that it needs to begin reselling. He said that if those TLDs are there, then they are available to the API to populate in my network.

    This needs further investigation on your end to help figure out why, if the TLDs are populating under Domain Pricing, that they are not available to the sub site.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Anthony,

    I've tested this on your site and found in API LOGS there is error Bad User name or Password

    {"Command":"GETTLDLIST","APIType":"API","Language":"eng","ErrCount":"1","errors":{"Err1":"Bad User name or Password"},"ResponseCount":"1","responses":{"response":{"ResponseNumber":"304155","ResponseString":"Validation error; invalid ; loginid"}},"MinPeriod":{},"MaxPeriod":"10","Server":"SJL1VWRESELL_T1","Site":{},"IsLockable":{},"IsRealTimeTLD":{},"TimeDifference":"+0.00","ExecTime":"0.047","Done":"true","TrackingKey":"7556672b-4962-47bb-9813-3bb74e42c151","RequestDateTime":"5\/2\/2016 7:27:44 PM","debug":{}}

    I also found this thread with similar problem https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/looks-like-your-credentials-are-invalid-please-enter-valid-credentials-and-resave-the-form#post-640604 - and member advised to switch to live mode instead of testing.
    Could you try to do that and see if this will change that?

    kind regards,

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