Enrolled courses wont show up in my dashboard

Hi! I dont know what am I doing wrong in my setup. But I have some questions about this plugin.

First, I am enrolled in 3 courses as a test, and in my dashboard I cant see them. All tree courses by the date has started yet, but didnt end up.

I dont know with this plugin consider that a course is ended just because I've entered the course page once. All my courses doesnt have any content yet.

My intention to Coursepress is just to sell the courses and have a login area where the student can access to exclusive material and discussion. What this plugin does. But the real course is presencial. So I dont whant this plugin to show thes courses as ended courses just because the student entered the course page once.

I'm having a issue with the content units that is not showing up, but it is a treat for another ticket that I had open today. I'm just mention this, because I dont know if it is related with the problem that I am not seeing the courses in my dashboard.

And just to confirm, the student just really on the course if some adm or teacher add it to the course. But, if he just enroll the course and anyone add him to the course, nothing will apperar on the student dashboard? Please, clarify me! Thank you.