Enrolled students through MarketPress don't show in CoursePress

Hi there,

First of all, I want to wish you all amazing Christmas days!

I have created a course in CoursePress, and now want to start enrolling students. But when I do test runs, I can buy the product and I do get a confirmation email (bost as student as 'seller').

But I don't see students anywhere in CoursePress. I see the orders in the store (under 'orders'. But that's all.

Also: when I login into the website, as a tester, i don't see the course I ordered in the 'My Courses' menu.

AND I'm not obliged to create an account on the website. How to log in into the course if I don't?

Another question i haven't been able to figure out: what will happen once the course starts? Do people get notofications about new content by email?