Enter fields content in csv to be displayed in Content and Excerpt


First, I think that the issue presented in this post is for Advanced php/wp experts. I am not one of those :slight_frown:

I have the following wp fields: url, post_title, category, email, etc
I also have Custom fields: Key_1, Key_2, Key_3, Key_4

Now, I would like to edit my csv to display within the results of post_content the contents of Key_1, Key_2, url, post_title, or whatever field I like.

For instance, a post_content or post_excerpt cell in my csv file will look similar to this:
"Thank you for visiting (post_title). The offices of (post_title) are located in (Key_1) close to (Key_2). The website of (post_title) is the following: (url). Should you need to contact (post_title) by phone please dial (Key_3)."
This is just an example but imaging what limitless alternatives you could employ to create complex directories, with all sort of contents, making directory sites sweet for search engines.

What I want is to populate the contents of aforementioned fields within post_content & post_excerpt.

Is this possible?

If yes, what would be the code that I would need to write within post_content & post_excerpt fields in my excel csv cells?

Thanks in advance.