Entering personal information twice during checkout


We’ve noticed that people have to complete their personal information twice during the checkout process, which is not very user-friendly.

It might be because we’re combining Appointments+ and MarketPress.

First, people are asked to fill in their name, email address and phone number when they choose an Appointment slot.

Then, when they ‘proceed to checkout’, they are asked to fill in all that information again, which is a waste of time.

I see two solutions:

Solution 1 – remove the first time it asks people. So, when they choose an appointment slot, the next option is to just click ‘proceed to checkout’. They then fill in their personal details during the checkout process.

Solution 2 – when people fill in their personal details after choosing their appointment slot, their details are already auto-completed in the checkout process – so they don’t have to fill them in twice.

Please can you help with this?

Thanks, Phil.