Erratic, Continuous Beeping- How Do I Get The Sound To Stop?

First off I am impressed by support. I normally dread buying a new plugin, because typically the support stinks. Not so here, thanks all!

I LOVE this chat plugin. It is exactly what I wanted. I just have one glitch. The bell starts going nuts and gets stuck. I have to log off, shut down my computer before I can get it to quit going off. It still is dinging as I am logging off the computer!

Here is what I have:

a membership site – I have the page/post feature installed on specific pages only – the user pages for my members

I had the sound enabled through the global settings when this occurred. It is now disabled.

There were 7 members on at the time, 3 actively chatting, 1 private chat also going. They all had the same thing happen to them – all had to sign off the site to get it to stop.

It was not a case of a beep per chat, it was erratic beeping that did not stop. Thanks in advance for you help. Linda