Error adding product image

hi all,

when i try adding a product to /wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=product and then click on “Set Featured/Product Image” i get the error: “ADMIN ERROR: TypeError: alltext is null” in Firefox browser and in chrome i get the error: “ADMIN Error: TypeError: cannot call method ‘replace’ of null” – then i just click OK on the error pop up and it will allow me to add an image.

once i select an image and it uploads i see the image is broken (see below image for where it is broken)

then i click on “use as featured/product image” and click “save all changes” button. then in the featured image area on the lower right hand column the image is also broken there when it should be visible. (see image below)

i save the product and the featured image shows properly on the main site and shop pages… just not in admin… not even the little thumbnail shots on the “all products” admin page.

any idea how to fix these errors? are they jquery errors?


:slight_smile: gina