Error Code During Checkout on only one product

Still fighting with this error code.

“There was a problem finalizing your purchase. (TESTMODE) Line item 1 is invalid. Please go back and try again.”

It only works on one product and all the other products go thru with no problems.

Try it for your self

The error comes up after I have confirmed everything on the confirmation page.

HELP? Thanks

  • solar2adventure
    • Flash Drive

    Ok well that was short lived…

    It looks like that the product name was causing the problem. It was not long so maybe it was because it started with a number. But it works now… Maybe a bug that should be address in the future?

    Thanks for all this group does.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi solar2adventure,

    That’s definitely a strange one and I’ll keep that in mind while testing things. I’ve not noticed any issues with products starting with a number but will be going through that in further tests.

    Glad it’s sorted, and thanks for mentioning it.


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