Error codes dispaying on my shipping page above the shipping form.

I am getting the following error codes:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'address1' in /MY TESTING SITE DIRECTORY/wp-content/plugins/marketpress/marketpress-includes/template-functions.php on line 525

Through to line 533, basically all the shipping info for the form, displaying above the form. How can I remove and/or repair this?

  • ChouDouFu

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the greeting and your feed back. i am happy to report, though a bit stymied as to why, that suddenly the page is working correctly, with no action from me. Odd that. perhaps it was the mere force of your attempt to support. :slight_smile:

    But to answer your questions should the problem arise for others (or, gasp, return):

    Yes WP 3.5.1
    Solo Site
    No Buddy Press (is that a good plugin to have along side market press?)
    Theme name is Corvius

    I did have market press lite activated first, but deactivated when I had saw install errors of the full version. Perhaps conflict came from there.

    Side question, does wpmu provide a false CC number for testing purposes?



  • ChouDouFu

    Thanks Joe,

    but even after getting the plug in reinstalled i am still having my original problems.

    I have two basically random results on my sopping page after adding a product to the cart.

    Case 1. Shipping is added at a flat rate of 3$, no settings in any of the location options because when I do shipping is calculated as 6$ not 3$. The results are in the attached. But there are this. 14.95(unit cost) + 3.00 (shipping) + $0.00 (tax not calculated in even though set at 7%) = $16.97.

    Case 2. Tax is added to the page, but shipping is not, the tax calculation is wrong and not added to teh total. 14.95(unit cost) + $0.98(tax rate 7%, incorrect value returned) + $0.00 (shipping not calculated in even though set at a flat rate of $3.00) = $14.95

    Now, I am no genius, but that math is not right. It seems like a simple problem to solve. I'd like to launch the store we are losing time and orders in the mean time.

    Thanks and regards,
    Chou Dou Fu

  • ChouDouFu


    I have already answered that question. Please close this posting. It is now essentially the same as my other post Buggy all around (Tax and Shipping Calculations, plug in menu display))". Please try to respond there.

    I m not "now" concentrating on flat rate shipping. That is only part of the over all problem, and always has been. think the problem in the information is clear. market press is up to date, word press is up to date. There is no caching problem, my settings are correct. The plug in simply does not work properly.

    Please try to respond there.

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