Error Establishing database connection Multi-DB


I'm getting upset with this support. I run a company and support is crucial to have a happy and loyal customer base. I'm purchased your product Multi-DB and i have received an sufficient help to get the problem sorted.

I was told 3 days ago someone will get back to me but no has gotten back. I have a live site and it's crucial i get this multi-DB up and running ASAP. I can't afford to wait around day in day out as i'm losing money......

I've set up MUlti-DB correctly i feel. I can head to wp-content/scripts/move-blogs.php and i can go through the steps to move databases etc.

I'm not doing that yet because when i visit the main URL for my site it says error establishing database connection.

I've been through all the usage training not only with myself but my hosting provider at liquid web. So please don't point me there. I also went through taylor training with the renaming of the folder permission to 755 and adding in Host IP and Lost ip in the global table field in the db-config.

I will upload the actual configs fils for dp.config and move-blogs. i had to rename dp.config to get access.

As said i can access the url for move-blogs but my main site global site etc has establish database connection.

Please i would like a good technician to help me out with this asap...